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A Stellar Experience with Jerline

June 29, 2023

Jerline absolutely made this journey to my LCSW possible. She especially helped me understand the importance of advocating for the pay that I deserve in this field and to lean into my strengths and brand as a clinician. Jerline is a rare combo of business powerhouse and empathic female social worker of color. 10/10 would recommend working with her!


Response from Clinical Supervision

Thank you so much Megan for your kind words and high recommendation! It truly warms my heart to hear about your positive experience and that I was able to contribute to your journey towards becoming an LCSW.

Mentor Extraordinaire: Jerline's Impact on My Clinical Career Journey

June 3, 2023

Jerline has been a breath of fresh air and a guiding light in my supervision journey. Her mentorship has been invaluable in addressing various clinical concerns within my career field and caseload. Jerline’s understanding, wisdom, and wealth of experience have been instrumental in my professional growth. Having her by my side has enabled me to acquire the clinical expertise that will shape my entire career. I am deeply grateful to Jerline for shouldering the responsibility of training and nurturing me. Today, I am fortunate to consider Jerline both a colleague and a mentor.

Maggie N.

Inspiring Leadership – Jerline, a Lighthouse in the Storms of Social Work

June 3, 2023

Working under Jerline’s supervision has been nothing short of inspirational. As a clinical social worker, I have found her mentorship to be a beacon of light in an often turbulent field. Her expert advice, paired with her empathetic approach, has been critical in helping me grow professionally and personally. Jerline’s ability to infuse positivity, enthusiasm, and experience into her mentorship has made her an invaluable asset to my career development. Her supervisory skills are unmatched and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a qualified leader in the field.

Virginia R.

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